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    Located in the Northeastern portion of the Canadian Province of Saskatchewan between the Porcupine and Pasquia Hills, our concession is rich with game.

    With a hunting concession size of over three-hundred square miles, we have the space to spread out, relax and enjoy our game in their natural environment... undisturbed. 

    Saskatchewan offers Big Whitetail Deer & Beautiful Black Bears. Our areas tremendous forage base along with super genetics make for a tremendous whitetail deer and black bear hunting environment.

    Each time a Dahl Creek Outfitter's hunter steps into their stand, there is an excellent chance of taking a World Class Whitetail Buck or Black Bear.


    Saskatchewn Whitetail Hunts

    When you come to hunt whitetail in Saskatchewan you're guaranteed to leave with memories you won't forget. 

    We take 25 hunters each year. Rifle, muzzleloaders, or bows are welcome. Antler rattling and grunt calling are very effective in this area due to excellent buck to doe ratios. The rut is in progress throughout the month of November, offering the hunter optimum opportunity to take a nice trophy.

    Everyone comes to camp with different expectations and goals. Historically, based on our kill records, we will see our maximum of eight hunters weekly take "130" to "150" bucks with one or two higher. Many of the 130-140 class deer are shot within the first two days of the hunt. Remember, letting those pretty-faced, thin horned deer walk allows them to reach their greatest horn potential. Dave and the guides will help you with judging these animals.

    Each time you go on stand in our 300 square mile territory, you never really know what to expect. We often see specific animals frequent specific areas on a regular basis. Obviously that's why we place stands in those locations. However, we hunt strictly fair chase and in a wilderness environment, therefore the possibilities (on a daily basis) are endless.

    Hunting dates :

    Last week of October, all of November and first week of December.

    Saskatchewan Black Bear Hunts

    Dahl Creek Outfitters offers truly unique Spring Black Bear Hunt, in that this is a wilderness hunt, without roads or resident hunting pressure. In 2007 one of our hunters killed one of our largest Black Bears of the season less than five hundred yards from camp, a beautiful 500 pound plus boar. The 2008 season saw our hunters take two huge 550 pound plus bruins. Our camp is located in bear country.

    Prior to our first bear hunter's arrival, dozens of stand locations are baited for weeks, well before the hunt. In the weeks prior to the season, green up has barely begun and hungry bears coming out of hibernation are immediately attracted to our baited stand locations. As we freshen up these bait stations we can establish the size of bears by observing signs left behind, as well as, visit frequency. This alone establishes which stands at the time offer the greatest potential. As the season progresses and conditions change, we continue to evaluate stand activity, utilizing the most productive locations for our hunters.

    Our hunters hunt from tree stands or ground blinds that are strategically positioned from the bait at distances best suited for either bow or rifle hunters. Depending on location, shot distance can vary from fifteen yards out to one hundred.

    30% of our bears are of "color phase" meaning that they are of a distinct color other than black.


    Our spring bear hunts run the last week of May and the first week of June.




    Once in camp, Dave and his team are responsible for providing you with everything required for an exciting experience. Our accommodations are clean, comfortable and warm; extremely attractive after a long day on stand. Delicious meals are provided and make it difficult to lose any weight while in this camp.

    Our main lodge is a gathering place where camaraderie is the first order of business. Our generators operate from before light and usually long after supper so you can get a hot shower at just about any time. Again, Dave and his team take the responsibility for providing each hunter with a great hunt very seriously.

    We consider our job never done, until we see that BIG BUCK SMILE, and your tail lights as you travel home 

    For everything else to know about hunting with Dahl Creek Outfitters check out our info pages below or get in touch with Dave by phone or email.


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    All hunts are 5 day hunts from Monday to Friday.

    We head into camp on Sunday  and back to civilization on the following Saturday

    All food and accommodations are included in the price.

    We take you to and from the stands we do all the baiting. All our stands are heated we supply heaters 

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