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Saskatchewan Whitetail Deer Hunting

Whitetail Deer

Our Promise

When you book a hunt in Saskatchewan your expectations should be high, after all, many of you travel long distances to get here, not to mention, invest valuable vacation time and expense. When you book your Whitetail Deer or Black Bear hunt with Dahl Creek Outfitters you can rest assured that I, Arnold Holmes, and my caring staff will do everything within our control to make your hunt as enjoyable and successful as possible, that is my promise!


Each time you go on stand in our 300 square mile territory you never really know what to expect. Yes, often we see specific animals frequent specific areas on a regular basis, obviously that's why we place stands in those locations. However, we hunt strictly fair chase and in a wilderness environment, therefore the possibilities (on a daily basis) are endless.

Canadian Hunting Conditions


If you are booking a Saskatchewan Whitetail Deer Hunt, chances are you've heard the stories of long cold days on stand? Believe those stories! The best Whitetail Deer hunting takes place during the rut when temperatures can hover around zero. At this time, mature bucks are seeking or chasing does and by dressing properly for the cold weather and implementing a disciplined regiment of attentive stand sits, you'll greatly increase the odds in your favor for a big buck encounter!


Like anywhere else you can hunt Whitetail, we have both young and mature animals. Upon spotting an animal on stand, if your first impression is a "maybe shooter" you should probably put your weapon down. We at Dahl Creek Outfitters encourage all of our hunters to carefully judge an animal prior to committing to the shot, this helps to ensure an expected result while maximizing safety. You'd be surprised how many beautiful deer are shot on the fifth and sixth day.



Everyone comes to camp with different expectations and goals. Historically, based on our kill records we will see our maximum of eight hunters weekly, take "130" to "150" bucks with one or two higher. Many of the 130-140 class deer are shot within the first two days of the hunt. Remember, letting those pretty-faced, thin horned deer walk allows them to reach their greatest horn potential. Arnold and the guides will help you with judging these animals.

Hunting Pressure

We hunt deep in the Eastern Saskatchewan Boreal Forest with our camp location an eighteen mile, all-terrain trek from the nearest road. Our hunting territory is 300 square miles of Aspen/Willow Forests, creek valleys, swamps and Spruce Ridges. Vast, unspoiled wilderness with extremely limited resident hunting pressure. It's you and the deer in their habitat ...alone!

Whitetail Deer Hunting Techniques

Our hunting method of choice is "stand hunting". Saskatchewan allows baiting which is very effective at concentrating our deer. Our areas excellent, Whitetail Buck to doe ratio stimulates aggressive rut behavior therefore making grunt calling and antler rattling extremely effective. Staying alert on stand, employing some grunt call and antler rattling sequence is a proven method for attracting these large "Saskatchewan Whitetail Bucks".

Stand Locations- Using bait concentrates deer! Combining bait with established deer travel patterns puts the hunter in an excellent location! Various stages of the rut take place during our five weeks of rifle deer hunting. Utilizing bait to attract the does to specific locations in turn attracts the bucks during all phases of the rut. Whitetail Buck regularly travel access corridors to and from these bait stations and bedding areas; our stand locations capitalize on this movement.

Stand Transportation- Our territory is vast so travel time to and from stand locations from base camp can vary from a few minutes to an hour. Our guides use Jeeps, enclosed quad's and six-wheelers to get our hunters to and from our many stand locations. Your guide is responsible for getting you to and from your stand safely, dropping you off well before shooting light and picking you up shortly after shooting hours unless other arrangements have been made. Each hunter is issued a two-way radio for communication with their guide and base camp.

Stand Style- You will choose from enclosed tower blinds, ground blinds or safe "lock-on" tree stands. It's the hunter's choice as to which stand he or she feels most comfortable hunting in.

Bucks & Ballistics

While we do take "160" bucks every season there are those roaming our guiding concession that are much larger. We prefer our hunters take mature, minimum 4 1/2 year old animals that are commonly heavy-horned. Some of these deer score better than others, but regardless, they all make great mounts.

Our stands are situated for shots of between 50 to 150 yards, at most. Our bucks are huge-bodied, consistently weighing upwards of 300 pounds. With that said, we suggest rifle calibers with "knock-down power" starting with .270 Winchester.