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Dahl Creek Outfitters is located in the small town of Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan, approximately 3.5 hours from Saskatoon up in the Northeastern portion of
the province.

Dahl Creek Outfitters Hunting Area

Dahl Creek Outfitters operates in Northeast Saskatchewan with an exclusive 300 square mile guiding concession, approximately 25 miles Southeast of Hudson Bay. Our base camp is located in a valley between Porcupine Plain and Pasquia Hills. Our guiding area is true Canadian Boreal Forest, the Whitetail Deer's most northern wild habitat. The topography of our landscape consists of creeks, valleys, pine ridges, aspen/willow/spruce forests, muskeg and meadows.

Hunting in our territory you will experience Whitetail Deer behavior in its most natural form. Our deer behavior usually leaves a lasting impression on most people; simply because our deer are rarely stressed due to hunting pressure. In fact, many of our Whitetail Deer and Black Bear have never seen a human. Our hunters typically observe many deer and/or bear on a daily basis while on stand, most of them relaxed, feeding, chasing and nurturing young. Our vast territory and surrounding land mass, superb forage base, topography and predator populations all contribute to strengthen our deer herd. Combined with a maximum of twenty-five Whitetail hunters annually, we still maintain a great surplus of healthy Whitetail Deer.