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Saskatchewan Spring Black Bear Hunting

Big Black Bear Dahl Creek Outfitters offers truly unique Spring Black Bear Hunt, in that this is a wilderness hunt, without roads or resident hunting pressure. In 2007 one of our hunters killed one of our largest Black Bears of the season less than five hundred yards from camp, a beautiful 500 pound plus boar. The 2008 season saw our hunters take two huge 550 pound plus bruins. Our camp is located in bear country.

Prior to our first bear hunter's arrival, dozens of stand locations are baited for weeks, well before the hunt. In the weeks prior to the season, green up has barely begun and hungry bears coming out of hibernation are immediately attracted to our baited stand locations. As we freshen up these bait stations we can establish the size of bears by observing signs left behind, as well as, visit frequency. This alone establishes which stands at the time offer the greatest potential. As the season progresses and conditions change, we continue to evaluate stand activity, utilizing
the most productive locations for our hunters.

Black Bear Hunting Techniques

Black BearBlack Bears are wary creatures and super sensitive to their surroundings. With a nose used to find food and to sense danger, Black Bears are not as easy to hunt as some of those popular hunting shows may lead you to believe. We hunt bears where bears are, and are blessed with plenty of them. But, our territory is vast so we use bait to pull the bears out of the bush.

Our bear hunting method of choice is utilizing baited stand sites. Typically, more than one bear frequents active bait sites on a daily basis. Our goal is to get the hunter to and from active sites with minimal disturbance to the area. Bait is replenished on a routine basis which often establishes a bear's daily schedule making them predictable. Tracking which stands are most active, preferably with the largest bears, allows us to maximize the hunter's chances of harvesting a mature boar.

Our Spring Black Bear Hunt begins in early May and continues into June. Our hunters hunt from tree stands or ground blinds that are strategically positioned from the bait at distances best suited for either bow or rifle hunters. Depending on location, shot distance can vary from fifteen yards out to one hundred.

30% of our bears are of "color phase" meaning that they are of a distinct color other than black.

Stand Locations- Saskatchewan allows the use of bait which we utilize to pull bears out of the brush. Over the years many of these bait sites have proven themselves as producers but we are always scouting new areas. An active bait site is fairly easy to determine and this is where we place our hunters.

Stand Transportation- A few stand locations are only a short walk from camp yet others are located in remote areas. We try to have all hunters situated on stand by early afternoon allowing the area to settle down prior to the prime time hunting hours of late afternoon and evening. During the hunt, each day after an early supper our guides take hunters to their perspective stand locations using quads, six-wheelers or Jeeps. Each hunter is issued a two-way radio for communication with their guide and base camp.

Stand Style- You will choose from lock-on tree stands or ground blinds, it's the hunter's choice as to which stand he or she feels most comfortable hunting out of. Many of our stands specifically accommodate bow hunters.