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Arnold's Message

Everyone enjoys a hunt

If you are a serious Whitetail Deer or Black Bear hunter and are interested in a great hunt in the beautiful and wild Canadian wilderness you need to consider coming to Saskatchewan. World Record Whitetail Deer and Trophy Black Bear come from here. The topography and landscape scream of Whitetail Deer and Black Bear.

As for me, my rule is simple! I treat my staff and clients as I expect to be treated. This is my business, so if I expect my customers to return and hunt with me, I better give them something special, and I do, 110%. When in camp, my number one priority is safety, then fun and with that said, everything else will fall into place.

On each hunt, my goal is to show each of my hunters an authentic "deer or bear hunt".
Meaning: a place where strangers, friends and family come together, and after a week, all leave as
great friends!

Give me a call and we can discuss the details.