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Saskatchewan's Premier Wilderness Whitetail Deer & Black Bear Hunting Outfitter

Whitetail Deer

For thirty years Dahl Creek Outfitters has been owned and operated by Arnold Holmes, a native from Saskatchewan. Located in the Northeastern portion of the Canadian Province of Saskatchewan between the Porcupine and Pasquia Hills, our concession is rich with game.

With a hunting concession size of over three-hundred square miles, we have the space to spread out, relax and enjoy our game in their natural environment... undisturbed. Saskatchewan offers Big Whitetail Deer & Beautiful Black Bears. Combine our area's tremendous forage base, super genetics and you've created a tremendous whitetail deer and black beer hunting environment.

Each time a Dahl Creek Outfitters hunter steps into their stand there is an excellent chance of taking a World Class Whitetail Buck or Black Bear.

  • 30 Years Experience
  • Remote Wilderness Location
  • Prime Trophy Whitetail Deer/Black Bear
  • All Inclusive Hunt Packages
  • Dedicated Staff
  • Great Success Rate